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Jordan Lynch, London, UK
Keto-Morphosis, Fatboy Gets Slim
"The world of weight loss and especially Keto can be confusing and overwhelming, a quick google can lead you down a rabbit hole of conflicting opinions and information overload. The Keto-Morphosis book eliminates all of that. If you’re considering starting a Keto diet and don’t know where to begin or are sick of all the noise, this is the book for you! A no-nonsense and straight forward guide from someone who’s been on the journey themselves, with loads of info and good recipes"

Mrs D McGuigan, Dunmanway, Co. Cork, Ireland
  Keto-Morphosis, Fatboy Gets Slim

"A very honest and compelling story of one man's ketogenic journey, from being a "big" child to an adulthood of increasingly poor & restrictive health and how he has achieved his present day fitness and happiness by following a ketogenic diet and walking!

This is not a medical book but the story of how by disregarding current medical advice and populist anti-meat propaganda has lead the author to a dramatic & sustainable weight loss, reversal of his diabetes and control of his emphysema.

This very readable book is laid out in plain language so that the processes of a Ketogenic diet can be understood by everyone.

The recipe section has simple recipes that can be followed using only basic cooking skills and, thankfully, there are no strange or hard to get ingredients.

There are alternatives to medication / statins / insulin injections as Kieron has proved. Anyone who is suffering from the same problems should read this book before starting on their own journey!"

JJ, London, U.K

A captivating read, a very interesting and effective version of keto- this could be a very useful tool for all people with these health conditions”

Jackie, Baltimore, R.O.I

"a very easy to read common sense guide through the maze of keto....essential reading for anyone looking to lose weight for good and improve dangerous health conditions! Keto made simple at last!"

Marilyn Latchford, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Are you a yo-yo dieter looking for the ultimate diet? Are your size and physical conditions working against you? While it is recognized that a Keto diet is not for everyone, Keto-Morphosis may be the answer you have been looking for.

Keto-Morphosis, Fatboy Gets Slim is one man’s journey to good health by following simple diet and exercise plans and applying common sense. This book provides you with information and evidence to make informed decisions. It will help you break the old eating habits that are getting in the way of you achieving a longer and heathier life.

Kieron Murray’s candid story is inspiring and real. He will be the first to admit that his six-month Keto journey was not easy. There were up’s and down’s and challenges. Along the way he picked up momentum by seeing results in his weight loss, energy and overall fitness and health. He feels and looks better. Have a look at the Starter Meal Plan and the delicious recipes and consider joining Kieron on a journey of your own".

Ian McGill, Corby, Northamptonshire, UK

"I am impressed with the level of knowledge contained within Fatboy Gets Slim. If you wish to lose weight then this is a worthwhile read. An excellent beginner's guide to a Keto lifestyle".

Adrianna, Westchester, New York, U.S.A

"This book is a fast, easy and practical read. The author presents his diet methods very efficiently, with support of real life scientific data. The book contains several simple recipes to jump start your lifestyle change and can be used as a short guide for busy people who need to lose weight for good".

Agata Gawlik, London, UK

“Having read several books on a variety of diets, I can say with confidence that this no nonsense and straight forward publication could be beneficial to many, especially those with health conditions who not only want to lose weight but also improve their health. The author has a very readable, entertaining style and the keto method he is using is challenging some of the not always correct main stream recommendations but it's based upon sound scientific and common sense principles”

“Kieron’s story will resonate with anybody who has had lifelong struggles with their weight. Keto-morphpsis, Fatboy Gets Slim encapsulates much more than your typical diet plan while remaining simpler and more honest than most other guides. Its health-focussed, individual approach allows for the improvement of your weight and your life as a whole. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling good.


There is no misinformation or contradiction, because everything you read is backed up by science. Whether you want to commit wholeheartedly or just dip your toe in, the recipes and meal plan provided are the perfect starting point for anybody who is interested in an alternative ketogenic diet".

Sharon Brook, Woking, Surrey, UK

“This plan is logical and makes sense to me on every level, unlike many.

Kieron’s results back this up and throughout have been monitored by professionals.

The ability to put type 2 diabetes into remission is a breakthrough & potentially lifesaving - hopefully many others will, with their health professionals assistance, be able to take both inspiration & advantage of this to improve their lives.

Other keto plans tend not to be tailored to the individual & encourage unlimited consumption of unhealthy fats which have well documented side effects and have certainly put me off trying them - this individual formulaic approach taking into account macronutrients is much more likely to give good results without the negatives and certainly encourages me to attempt the lifestyle change.”