Success Stories

Please see the success stories of the Keto-Morphosis method. Needless to say all of the team members completed the process initially, resulting in substantial weight loss and reversal of certain conditions. As a control measure to ensure the method worked, we offered our services to those listed below, monitored their progress and provided guidance where necessary. Armed with the correct information, everyone picked up the method with relative ease and lost weight in a controlled and sustainable way. They all enjoyed success and we are happy to report that they are now converts to Keto-Morphosis.
Natalia has reached her goal weight and has started to perfect her own recipes based on the methods and macronutrients that we recommend. She combined this with regular exercise to achieve her goal.
Garry has lost a considerable amount of weight and amazingly has reversed his type 2 diabetes which by his own admission was dangerously high. A few months work and he has put into remission a metabolic condition that was decades old.
Ian also has benefitted from drastically improved health, weight loss and reversal of t2 diabetes.

1) Kieron,
2) Dr K,
3) Gonya,
4) Natalia,
5) Garry
6) Ian

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Kieron`s Story

The full story is published in the book "Fatboy Gets Slim" however, the before and after picture shows you everything that you need to know, all completed within six months. A 40 kg weight loss, type 2 diabetes remission, improved liver function and respiratory ability amongst others.

Dr Izabela Komarowska

"I will spare you all the details of my trials for now. Suffice to say that I’ve spent eight months experimenting with various keto regimes until I found one that worked best on every level. It has been nearly 3 years since I started my keto journey and I can’t begin to describe the benefits of my new life style. I am a healthy, energetic and slender individual. For the first time in life, I’m happy with my food and never hungry. My version of the ketogenic way of eating leads to self-regulation – with time body restores its normal regulatory mechanisms and starts functioning properly. You won’t need to endlessly record your macros or watch what you eat. Your body will tell you. I have finally found my way. So will you".

Gonya`s Amazing Story

To summarise, during three months on the KETO-MORPHOSIS programme, I lost 12 kg / 1.9 stone / 26 lbs. I have also significantly improved my health, especially regarding hormonal imbalance. I love my new lifestyle, and I have found my happiness again. I got my life back again! I feel like I was re-born and given a brand-new life. 

My journey is still not completed. I have some more weight to lose and I want to perfect my metabolism.

I watch in amazement the way my life improves from day to day…

Natalia`s Fantastic Weight loss!

"I began to struggle with my weight when I found a sedentary job in an office and became much less active than in my previous role. I have tried many diets such as slimming world, but none worked for me until I tried Keto-Morphosis. The weight just dropped off me with such ease that I still cannot believe it. I wish I had done it sooner!"

Garry`s Remarkable Story

Garry was one of the first converts to Keto-Morphosis and I am sure he would agree, a fairly sceptical one at that. He was suffering from chronic type 2 diabetes, being very overweight with an unhealthy appetite. I will let him explain in his own words.

"So, I was a very out of control type 2 diabetic! I had extremely high blood sugar readings - averaging 15.3 mmol/ L (275.4 mg / dL), sometimes as high as 18 mmol / L (324 mg / dL) !
My doctor wanted me to inject. I thought I would give myself 3 months to get my outrageously high blood sugar reading down naturally, without insulin injections!
I decided to try the Keto-Morphosis diet and go to the gym, thats it. I haven't yet gone to the gym, partly because I want to see how good the keto diet alone would be, and partly because of an injury, after less than a month on the diet, my blood sugar came down to 5.1 mmol / L (91.8 mg / dL)! Perfect by a normal person's standards, never mind a diabetic!
I still take medication, but plan to maintain this low reading, and eventually dispose of the pills! Happy!"

Garry went on to lose two stone / 12.7 kg / 28 lbs within two months and continues on his weightloss journey until this day. The important thing from his point of view was the reversal of his dangerous blood sugar levels. His metabolic condition has stabilised and he has given himself a better future with his amazing achievement. His doctor has now agreed to reduce his medication to half of what he was previously taking with the provision that he can totally stop all medication if he continues to improve. As an added bonus his blood pressure has now normalised as well. He isnt sceptical any longer!

Ian`s Road To Optimal Health

Ian has followed the principles of Keto-Morphosis for less than six months and is now benefitting from vastly improved health. In his own words:
" I have been successful on my keto journey and lost 46 pounds in 16 weeks, my health improvements on KETO: reversal of onset type 2 diabetes, heart palpitations gone, snoring gone, tingling in my hands and feet gone, severe headache and brain fog gone".