I cannot stress enough just how happy I am with the process that I have undergone. Keto-Morphosis has indeed enabled me to improve my health and weight to levels that I simply did not believe possible previously. Having said that, I recognise that this way of eating may not be for everyone. It should, however, help the vast majority of people in my humble opinion.

We are all individual and our bodies react very differently to various stress factors, it just so happens that Keto-Morphosis agrees with me and my set of conditions, on a personal level I endorse it whole-heartedly. I do believe that it can be of benefit to anyone seeking optimal health or improvements.

I would like to draw your attention to the following warning and ask that you please consider this friendly advice before attempting the keto-morphosis plan.

The author and the contributors from the keto-morphosis team are not physicians / medical doctors / general practitioners / nutritionists or any other type of certified medical professional. The information contained within this or other associated publications is based upon opinion gained from our own research and therefore cannot be construed as medical advice. The information has not been evaluated by any professional body, medical or otherwise. It cannot be used in the assessment or treatment of any medical condition or disease.

Before embarking upon any regime of dietary change or exercise, you should seek the advice and permission of a registered medical professional such as your family doctor.

The author and keto-morphosis team accept no responsibility from any person, body or organisation for any liability, loss, or damage caused by or alleged/ perceived to be caused directly or indirectly by utilising the Keto-Morphosis method. The above advice is particularly pertinent if you suffer from any medical condition or disease and we would recommend that you not only seek the advice of your doctor, but pass a full health clearance before changing your way of eating and exercise plan.

If after reading the following information contained within this or any future publications, you wish to adopt the Keto-Morphosis method, it will be assumed that you have sought appropriate medical advice and have the express permission of your doctor to participate, having passed the necessary health tests.