The Team
The Triumvirate

Please see all three members of the  Keto-Morphosis team and share in their success stories.
Kieron had the most success in terms of recovery and weight-loss as in simple terms he had the most to gain-and most to lose in terms of weight and most complex conditions. Here is just a snap-shot of the outcome, the full story and starter guide to Keto-Morphosis is available in the book:

The Team


He decided to become involved in the creation of the method as he was sick and in need of help. After Dr K tested the viability and ensured the efficacy of the method by successfully following it herself, Kieron became the first case study of somebody with several complex medical conditions that were addressed. An incredible transformation ensued. Husband to Gonya and obesity survivor.

Dr Izabela Komarowska

Known as - Dr K, is a senior scientific researcher, having worked across the world in several leading academic research institutes. She is an expert in her field, specialising in immunology and physiology. She has a keen interest in nutrition. Having experimented with many diets, she decided to devise her own weight loss strategy. She created the original formula for this method, acknowledging the findings of Dr Stephen Phinney and Dr Jeff Volek, regarded as leading exponents in the ketogenic world.


A highly respected scientist, specialising in neurogenetics, particularly rare neurological diseases. She suffers from insulin resistance and along with all of the team she decided to participate in the creation of the Keto-Morphosis method. She also has a very keen interest in nutrition and has devised many of the recipes which are included in the Keto-Morphosis plans. She has successfully followed the Keto-Morphosis plan herself.