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This site is dedicated to sharing information regarding our holistic and healing version of the ketogenic diet, the keto-morphosis method, and helping people achieve healthy, slender bodies and minds full of vitality and clarity.

Optimal Health

Are you concerned about your weight and health?

Do you suffer from metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes or fatty liver?

Would you like to remain feeling young, healthy and slim until old age?

Are you fed up with medications and their side effects?

Have you tried many recommended diets, but nothing seems to work?

Do you find ‘standard’ dieting difficult and unsustainable?

Have you lost weight in the past only to regain it back plus a few extra kilograms of body fat?

If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘yes’ – you are in the right place.

"I am so happy with my weigh loss since I tried Keto-Morphosis".
Natalia, Staffordshire, UK 


Kieron’s journey is the story of a man, who by simply making a few dietary adjustments, put his diabetes into remission, vastly improved his emphysema and lost a great deal of weight. Let his success become your inspiration and hope for a better quality life.

Our aim is to help anyone who wishes to lose weight as well as lead a healthier lifestyle. We would like to offer an alternative solution, a holistic and healing way of life.

We will tell you how to achieve what Kieron did, and will support you along the way.

"I followed the keto-Morphosis plan and in two months I lost over 2 stone /  12.7 kg / 28 lbs-
My diabetes is now in remission, I would thoroughly reccommend this method."

Garry, Surrey UK

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